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About UJN Press

UJN Press is a trans-media digital publishing imprint of parent company CAILL Transmedia Pty. Ltd. CAILL is an international digital transmedia educational publishing resource and blended learning consultation company with offices in China and Australia.

It is student-driven in operation and integrated into the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) program’s blended learning initiative at the University of Jinan (UJN), Shandong, China.   Maintenance and content design and provision are integrated into a task-based three semester Advanced Writing course to provide students with an authentic online English language component in a blended learning environment.

CAILL Transmedia Pty. Ltd. provides authentic English learning resources and services, online consultants and online lessons to realize the full potential of language learning.  The goal of CAILL Transmedia Pty. Ltd. is to facilitate Chinese student creativity and problem-solving skills by:

  • 1) identifying current student / teacher needs;
    2) analyzing the pedagogic dimensions of these identified needs;
    3) designing and developing innovate resources – PDF digital textbooks, research article provision, original YouKu educational programming – so as to facilitate student autonomy through blended learning supplements to traditional classroom-based instruction;
    4) consulting with individual students, teachers, researchers and department faculty to provide context-specific transmedia teaching materials to support, enhance and augment existing class syllabus requirements.

Unlike traditional companies, CAILL Transmedia Pty. Ltd. as a student-driven operation is a sequential task-based enterprise, the success of which depends on peer-collaboration within a foreign teacher scaffolded blended learning environment. In task-content it integrates a Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) driven blend of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) and Inter-Cultural Communicative Competence (ICC). Correspondingly, its objectives are context-specific to the student cohort, centering on increasing professionalism and competitiveness within a brutal marketplace:

  • 1) provide English learning resources toward UJN’s student and teacher cohort;
    2) publishing books and e-books
    3) expand the target audience;
    4) provide online consultants, tutors and lessons;
    5) cooperate with schools and educational institutions;
    6) cooperate with bookstores and publishing companies;
    7) communicate with, and provide content for, the Bureau / Ministry of Education;
    8) internationalization and IPO launch.

Primary responsibility: to provide online course supplements for students and teachers and facilitate a blended learning environment at UJN and from there to universities throughout China.  Short-range resources are designed for consumers with a specific, urgent need to augment their classroom-based instruction / learning with targeted trans-media. Long-range resources are for consumers in need of special-needs professional language training.

The initial website – www.ujnpress.com – uses WordPress e-Commerce web design software for easy navigation and use by teachers and students. It is maintained in partnership with Australian company Winkless Web Design. It hosts digital resources for download and is linked to social media in China and abroad. Many resources are free to obtain, with selected materials offered on a retail basis to the general public. Website use requires user registration and operates on an AliPay integrated shopping cart model.

Core products and services concern EFL learning and teaching: ebooks written by professors, teachers and experts in their field to cater to context-specific language learning needs:

  • – digital textbooks;
    – brochures, booklets, portfolios, etc;
    – PDF-based class supplements;
    – audio-video supplements;
    – consultation for materials development;
    – online tuition and feedback.

CAILL Transmedia Pty. Ltd., through UJN Press, produces and exhibits audio-video content within its multimedia eBooks and through its social media platforms.  Such multi- and trans- media digital publishing puts UJN Press at the forefront of student-driven Academic English language leaning publishing in China.



To download a digital document, whether free or for a fee, you need to register / join.  Registration is free and can be done via the LOGIN menu at the top of the page.  Registration requires you to enter a valid email and related contact details.  No information is provided to a third party.


Once you have registered, go to the digital document required and ADD TO CART.  Do this for both free and fee-paid items.  When you have completed your order, proceed to the CHECKOUT and complete any payment details required (if any).  No credit card or payment details are stored on site.

On completion of your order, an email will be sent to your nominated email address: this email contains download links from where you can download the ordered items.  The download links are valid for 3-7 days.  Please check your spam section if you do not receive a confirmation / download link.


No.  There are no refunds.  All sales / downloads are final.


Yes.  Links to print-on-demand (POD) versions, where appropriate, are contained in the item description.


PDF documents require the latest Adobe Reader.  EPUB and EPUB3 require the latest Adobe Digital Editions.  Both are free downloads available from adobe.com.  Additional file types may require additional software (eg. doc, .docx).