“Delirious Minutiae” Crowd-Funding Campaign Launch eBook


“Delirious Minutiae” Crowd-Funding Campaign Launch eBook


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Delirious Minutiae Crowd-funding Campaign Launch eBook
(c) MMXVII Robert Cettl | CAILL Transmedia PL
22/05/2017 | Songjiang, Shanghai

On Sunday 21/05/2017 I launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.  It aimed to raise the financial resources to: 1) see my 5th auto-ethnographic digital feature to project completion, 2) satisfy my daily life needs, and 3) enable airline flight ticket purchase to leave Shanghai, China for my birth nation of Australia as now legally obliged by the transferral of my work visa and residence permit to a30 day temporary visa.  This transfer was the result of early termination of my contract to International Company and Chinese market-leading English Education Provider [redacted].  It left me without a stable income and midway through the work-in-progress of an experimental auto-ethnographic digital feature based on my experience of an “Existential Crisis” during my brief term of employment as a “company man”.   I thus activated a long-planned but always postponed crowd-funding project: a venture into indie filmmaking – an educational EFL auto-ethnographic digital videotext(e) exploring foreign teacher experience and professional integrity in China, intended for pedagogic purposes.

The videotext(e) – The Delirious Minutiae of Everyday Perception – is a not-for-profit independent educational digital feature.  It is planned for use as a pedagogic tool: screened for Chinese EFL students in a blended learning, flipped classroom Academic Writing course to facilitate their cognitive and meta-cognitive development of: 1) discourse theory and syntactic construction; 2) (de-)construction theory and visual literacy (semiotics); 3) inter-cultural communicative competence [ICC}, and 4) higher order Critical Thinking skill application.  The film is thus essentially a multimedia material resource for use within a communicative language teaching [CLT] analytical discussion task.  Although it is constructed for that purpose, it nevertheless retains aesthetic, thematic and discursive content of interest to ethnographic researchers, EFL professionals and cine-literate viewers of alternative, indie films.

The PDF available here for download was designed to accompany the ongoing campaign, uploaded as a trans-media component of the Indiegogo project launch.  It features the campaign text and additional information concerning the project.  Fully illustrated and hyperlinked, it is in effect the official Delirious Minutiae of Everyday Perception Crowdfunding Campaign Launch interactive eBook complement.  It thus describes the overall intention, circumstantial factors influencing the campaign, proposed budget and intended screening plans for the final videotext(e).  Details of the crowd-funding campaign (and Indiegogo campaign page) are linked to below.

The Delirious Minutiae of Everyday Perception Indiegogo Crowdfunding Page



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